Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What's in a name?

This might be a good time to explain how Katie became Kalliste and then ultimately R Kalliste'.   Although the name Katie was very special to her 1st owners, it did not hold any significance for us.  Katie was purchased by her second owner, moved to Wisconsin and registered as Daedelous but never launched - she remained on the hard for 2 years until we found her.
Now if you know your Greek mythology you will remember that Daedelous was the carpenter father of Icarus. Daedelous built the infamous wings of feathers and wax that melted as Icarus flew too close to the sun causing Icarus fell to his death.  Really? Somehow that seemed a bit unlucky for a boat name.  Although we are not suspicious people we do understand what they say about changing a vessels name.

Our solution:

Keep all the letters of the name Katie
Keep with the Greek mythology theme
She was built in Quebec - could we add a french flair?

Kalliste'  is the french spelling of a greek female name meaning "A thing of beauty"

So where did the R come from? When we attempted to register Kalliste' with the Canadian Vessel Registry we found the name taken! Oh No!!!! After all that!
We had options though...we could add numbers 2 or 3 or 4.... however that just didn't seem right. She was our Kalliste'......hmmm....Our Kalliste'....R Kalliste'.
And so she became R Kalliste'.

Thank you Tom Freeman! 
What a beautiful job you did creating the perfect lettering. 
She is really becoming our thing of beauty!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Winter Projects 2013/14 - A winter to remember!

If we weren't  looking forward to going south before this winter began we are now! 2013/14 was a winter to remember, relentless cold and more snow that we've seen in years. We had our dream to keep us warm...well that and working on our winter projects...

Paul Built a new fold out cockpit table:

Refinished the pilot house wheel:

Refinished the pilot house dinning table:

Paul creating a very unique bi-fold companionway door:

Finished and ready to be installed:

Bankers chair - becomes a captains chair (nice work Paul)

Chair swivels, lowers to the nav. station or raises up to helm from the pilot house.

Before it got too cold we did get a start on redesigning the nav. station. 

Brass lights after years of exposure to salt air:

The brass finish was well beyond polishing so all lights were dismantled and each piece sprayed with an antique bronze Krylon paint.

Lights are reassembled:

and converted from incandescent to LED:

 Shell patterned fabric purchased from St Thomas Canvas used to make curtains for the aft-cabin and folding blinds for the 6 ports forward:

As at todays posting we are hopeful that the weather improves enough to remove the shrink wrap and to go work "on" RKalliste!