Sunday, 26 April 2015

Exuma Land & Sea Park to Eleuthera

Exuma Land & Sea Park

We headed north and stopped at Warderick Wells which is the headquarters for Exuma Land & Sea Park. The park itself consists of many islands along the Exuma chain. It is a protected area where fishing, hunting and taking of anything is prohibited. It is a wonderful place to snorkel.

R Kalliste' on a mooring ball in Waderick Wells

If you look closely you can see a small bird that has landed on my finger - looking for a treat

This skeleton of a sperm whale can be seen from the mooring field - Plastic garbage killed this magnificent 52ft whale

Boo Boo Hill

View of the mooring field from the top of Boo Boo Hill
It is a tradition and considered good luck to find a piece of drift wood in your travels, carve or write your boat name on it and place it as an offering at top Boo Boo Hill

We place R Kalliste amongst those that have gone before us

Paul finding the perfect spot

The views are amazing and we take a few minutes to rest and enjoy

Can't get enough of these views

Our friends on Rovenkind - Fred, Patricia and Lucy 

Just trying to get a Wi-Fi signal

Continuing our journey we headed north-east with Fred and Patricia to Eleuthera. We decided it was time to do a little fishing and as a joke we radioed Fred & Patricia to advise them that we would be serving fish for dinner tonight. Not long after we radioed them again and told them to take a look trough their binoculars.....

Yep...that's a Mahi-Mahi 

The proud fisherman

At Eleuthera we visited an in land ocean hole. Extremely deep and full of fish!

Ocean hole at Rock Sound Harbour at Eleuthera