Tuesday, 8 July 2014

June 2014 - Whirlwind of activity!

Building the dashboard and Nav-station

 So many angles! Best to design in cardboard before cutting that expensive teak!

Instruments all installed and Nav Station constructed. 
Sanding, staining and varnishing to come later.

Chair installed - designed to swivel to the nav desk, as an extra chair for entertaining or lifted into its elevated position to pilot from the pilot house during inclement weather.

At the nav desk
Elevated to pilot position

Building Solar Panels

The frame to hold 2 Mitsubishi 214 watt panels (428 watts in total)
Paul attaching the panels to the frame.

Panels installed as a solid bimini to keep us us protected from the elements at the same time generating 30 amps on a sunny day.  

And the wires!!!

 Paul separating the A/C and D/C into separate panels.
Good thing he has a background as an electrician!

Updated the head with new countertops, new sink and taps, mirror and backsplash. A bit of bling!

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