Thursday, 2 October 2014

Sandy Hook to Annapolis

Sandy Hook to Annapolis

Anchored with many others at Sandy Hook waiting for a weather window.

We left Sandy Hook on Tuesday Sept 23rd at 9am and headed out into the Atlantic. Weather forecast gave us 5 knots of wind from the north east building by next morning to 15 north by north east, with heavier weather forecast for the following 3-4 days. By about 3pm we were already seeing the 15 knots and by midnight we were seeing 25 knots steady with building seas.  We rounded Cape May at 3am and hoped for a little relief as we headed into Delaware Bay and further into the Delaware River.    We found an anchorage further up the Delaware just behind Reedy Island and hoped to get some rest after the exhausting 28 hour journey. Reedy Island offered very little protection. Although safely anchored we experience very confused seas. Currents going one way, tide going the other and the steady & strong NE wind creating waves caused our boat to travel every which way on the anchor.
After getting a few hours sleep we hauled anchor and headed for the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal. (only about a 45 minute motor) Had we been a bit less tired we might have carried on that morning!

R Kalliste' bucking the waves in the Delaware River
  Entering the C&D Canal was like entering another world...the water was flat as glass and the wind not existent while just beyond the break wall the wind and waves were ferocious!

Ship wreck or Tiki Bar?

Enjoying a beautiful day on the Chesapeake. We actually sailed in light winds for about and hour just before arriving in Annapolis.
After motoring for so long it felt really good to hoist the sails and turn off the engine. This is what it's all about! 

Chesapeake Chanel, Bascule & William P Lane Memorial bridges
And this is how far we've come in the last 30 days.

Early morning anchored in Back Creek at Annapolis

We will spend the next 2 weeks here relaxing, sight seeing and attending the Annapolis Boat Show.


  1. Beautiful pictures guys. I know you are enjoying your stay in Annapolis, there is no place else like it for sailors. Please keep the pictures coming as it is getting cold up here in the Great White North. Have fun at the boat show and watch out that you credit card dose not melt!
    D & V

  2. Inspiring photos and story so far - keep the posts coming! We are a few weeks behind you (maybe a month at this point...) but still hope to rendezvous down south! Mark & Caitie

  3. Hi Paul and Paula!

    We had dinner with Wanda and Dack in Barrie last night and they sent along the link to your blog. Heather and I just went through the whole thing - amazing. Heather's dream trip is through the Erie Canal to NYC so she's just a tad jealous.

    Anyhow, hope you'll have smooth sailing for the rest of your trip, and we'll keep watching the blog. All the best!

    Heather and Dave (enjoying sailing out of the Barrie Yacht Club)