Sunday, 9 November 2014

Oriental NC to Charleston SC

October 29th & 30 we anchored in Oriental and waited for the arrival of our water maker and the service check up on our Beta Engine. 

Anchored in the harbour at Oriental NC this shrimp boat passed us lighting up the whole anchorage. Earlier in the day we hopped in the dinghy and followed another shrimp boat in and purchased a huge bag or fresh (still alive) shrimp. We had started something as next thing we new there were several dinghys coming by, holding up their purchases. 

Skewered and ready to go on the Bar-B!

Chef's Cindy and Paula preparing the feast! (we ate shrimp until we couldn't eat shrimp any more)

Engine check completed and water maker delivered we headed south again. The weather has been warm during the day but the cool nights foretell cooler temperatures ahead. 

Local fisherman - this does not look safe but we saw many small boats with this kind of elevated look out.
 We sighted Dolphins as early as Norfolk. Once we reached North Carolina they became an almost daily occurrence playing in our bow wake. They were very very difficult to capture on camera. Below see many attempts to catch them above the water. 

Honey, there is a sale on pink paint down at the hardware store!

What kind of lawn ornament did you say you wanted?

"Old" Ferry Seafood? - Appetizing!! and the shark is a nice touch.

Victim of tough times

We don't think Capt. Jeff has been out in a while.

Ahhh, the beach. There is something relaxing about the beach. This is on our way toward North Myrtle Beach 

A sampling of some of the wealth in North and South Carolina:

Wacca Wache Marina just across from our anchorage in CowHouse Creek . We saw nothing for miles and miles except swamp land.

Whiteside Creek Anchorage where 9 other boats joined us. The shore is a salt marsh and oyster beds of Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge.

Sunset in Whiteside Creek.

Suspension bridge entering Charleston 

Charleston city scape.

On our way to St Johns Yacht Harbour just outside of Charleston we went through a very narrow cut - our timing was not the greatest as the tide was against us (boat speed 7 knots - speed over ground 1.8 knots) I am sure people often sit and watch the show from their deck

Lunch at the Tattooed Moose - This restaurant a bit of a "hole in the wall" . Patrons are encouraged to write on the tables, walls - practically anywhere they want. This is a very popular place to eat and you have to get there early. People begin to line up 30 minutes before they open for lunch. If you go - you must try the famous duck club and duck fries. Delicious!!

The Tattooed Moose and his friend "Killer Rabbit" 

Lunch with son Dan.

Hannah's much needed new hair cut- Paul loves the pink bows!
We spent a 3 great days discovering great places to eat, viewing historic downtown Charleston. 
 Dan has headed back to Charlotte this morning (Nov 9th) and back to his busy real estate business . Where did the time go. Miss you Dan!

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