Monday, 29 December 2014

The Berry Islands

The Berry Islands

We said good bye to Terry & Jeannie in Delray and headed to Lake Boca Ratan to anchor for the night and ready ourselves for the crossing to the Bahamas. Terry suggested we head out the Hillsborough Inlet to avoid having to travel further down to Fort Lauderdale. Details of Hillsborough Inlet is not provided in the ICW cruising guide due to the fact that the markers are are not permeant and are moved to accommodate for the shifting bottom. Terry provided us with the most recent soundings and placement of the markers which made transversing the inlet a breeze. 

Thank you Terry & Jeannie for a wonderful time in Delray!

Sunrise heading to the Bahamas

We made it!
Thank you Jim & Deb for the Champaign 
Perfect dive!

We are anchored in Bullock Harbour, Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands

Mail boat comes in once per week to and brings fresh fruit, vegetables, supplies. This delivery is the last before the Christmas & New Years holidays. The ship will not be back for almost 3 weeks. There is a flurry of activity all day long to unload the boat and load into cars and pickup trucks.

Paul samples his first Kalick

We discover a plane wreck off the beach at Bullock Harbour

Hannah and I enjoying the ride

And she swims! I'm keeping a close eye for barracuda!

R Kalliste' anchored at Saddleback Cay - very tricky anchoring!

Beautiful beach almost to ourselves

It's difficult to capture the beauty!

Christmas morning Santa and his Reindog come deliver a present of Conch shell full of chocolate!

Hannah sporting her Christmas scarf receives her new Christmas stuffy.

We sail past Enchantment of the Seas, 302 metres in length

Sailing past


Sending this one back

Amberjack with a fight!

Paul wins and we have dinner!

Paula gets a new washer and dryer for Christmas! Yep thats a bucket, plunger and some clothes pegs!

We are heading further south and will make a stop at New Providence Island overnight then head to the Exumas and hope to meet up with Don and Ann at Black Point. Then on to Georgetown to meet up with family and friends who are flying in for a visit.

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